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We are 1844 Cash Offer and we’re looking for people Nationwide (and surrounding areas) who would be interested in learning how to find homeowners looking to sell their house.

The best part is, we pay industry leading “finders fees” … PLUS, you’ll also get a behind the scenes look at how we profitably invest in real estate!

What Is Our Property Finder Program?

1844 Cash Offer helps homeowners facing serious problems sell their house. We do this by being the GO-TO house buyers here Nationwide and by offering the best price for their house. It’s really a win-win-win solution for everyone. Over the years we’ve developed a great system for helping those homeowners in distress out of that situation through our local Nationwide House Buyer Program. In addition, one of our missions is to beautify our local area one neighborhood at a time by fixing up properties and getting great homeowners into them. It’s truly our mission to help make Nationwide a better place to live. We can do this by buying houses locally, renovating them, and putting families in them. This is why we work hard every day to improve our house buying program. This is where you come in (and how you’re able to earn up to $5k per monthif you put in the work) finding properties that fit our buying criteria here Nationwide and surrounding areas… and sending them through our Property Finders Incentive Program .

How Our Property Finders Incentive Program Works

Find Homes

Find houses that meet our buying criteria. This can be done during your free time or anytime you are driving around neighborhoods.

Submit Property Details

Once you have the property information, you submit it to our property details form and it’s automatically connected to your profile so you get the credit.

Get Paid

Once we verify the lead is qualified and close on the deal, you get paid. The process is quick, easy, and hassle-free. Your earning potential is limitless.

how do you find these properties?

It can be as simple as reaching out to your neighbors, friends, or family members and asking if they are interested in selling their house.

Maybe there’s a vacant house you drive by every single day that needs some repairs? Join our Nationwide House Finders Program below and send us the details… we’ll take it from there.

Simple as that… You find the houses and we take care of the rest!

After you submit a potential property to us using our property submission form… we then do the research, talk with the seller, and see if we can buy their house. We take care of all the paperwork and do all of the work… you just get a check once we close simply by sending us the property details.

It’s so easy, you could even do this in your spare time to earn some extra money…

All it takes is a little extra attention during your everyday life. As soon as you see a house that fits our criteria, jot it down and submit the property form. And as a bonus, you’ll be able to follow along the entire process and see how a deal is made.

If you’re interested in joining our “ Property Finder Program”, all it takes is filling out our simple form.

So How Do I Start Finding Properties To Submit?
After you join our Free Property Finder Program we’ll share with you our exact strategies for finding good properties and how to submit the houses to us. Here’s what you’ll learn:

And you can start as soon as today if you decided to.